About Cliff Williams ARPS

I live in a village called Leigh Sinton near the Malvern Hills. I am married to Bev and we have 4 children. I have been a very keen photographer since leaving the Army in June 2002. It was my love of walking in the Malvern Hills and in the Aberfeldy area of Scotland that really set me off as a photographer. Since then I have managed to strike a balance between both of these hobbies, my other love is Aircraft, I love capturing them on camera, whether static, at air shows or in the Welsh mountains they always give me a thrill. I also shoot images for Malvern Town Football Club which is a great way of involving another passion of mine.

I a member of "The Royal Photographic Society" and hold the Associate distinction, a member of "Beacon Camera Club" in Malvern and I enter many International and UK based Salons.

As far as kit goes, I use a Sony Alpha 77Mk 2 as it is the best camera for tracking moving objects out there, and when you shoot Sport and Aircraft you need to be at it. I have a variety lenses my favourite being my Sigma 150-500mm though my Sigma 17-50mm lens spends more time on the camera than any other. When shooting landscapes I use Lee Filter's, a Manfrotto tripod and any number of apps on the mobile.

What do I think of Photography, well it has opened my eyes up to the world in a way I did not think was possible, it has given me many hours of pleasure even if I have spent many of them freezing cold up Hills and Mountains and it has proven a great method meeting great people and making lasting friendships.

My main ethos is to get the image right in Camera and if you were to ask me the most important thing about Photography I would say that;

"Being there is Paramount"